New GFCI outlet and sump pit in the utility side of the basement.

These images show a foundation crack repair. Above, is a view on the outside showing the penetration of the crack repair product. On the right is an indoor view of a cracked foundation after repair.

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Hidden sump under carpet. we replaced a 10 year old battery backup.

Interior drainage and sump basins provide a cheaper and equally effective solution for your drainage needs. Interior drainage systems are the last line of defense against water entering your basement. Whether water is coming though the wall, cove joint, or basement floor, it all spells disaster for your basement. Properly installing an interior system guarantees no more water on your basement floor. Repairing any exterior drainage problems are key to a properly functioning interior system.

Cracks in the foundation can lead to unwanted water entering the living space. Repairing the crack will prevent moisture from further damaging the foundation and entering your basement.
We back our foundation crack repairs with a lifetime-transferrable warranty in writing!

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-Basement waterproofing

-Sump pump replacement

-Battery backup installation

-Foundation crack repairs

-Carbon fiber strapping

-Drywall/paint repair

Sump pump replacement, the one on the right is 17 years old, it was replaced with the same model.